Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

August 8, 2019 by: lindasweetmanhaircare

Today there are so many choices when it comes to hair color. Blended colors, or pure tone colors. Some use low amounts of ammonia while others use monoethanolamine (MEA) which is an ammonia derivative. Most hair color contains P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) this is the standard chemical used to create brown hair dye. Recently some color companies are replacing it with a derivative. Other companies are working with plant based ingredients as a base for the color. All of this is being done to make hair color less likely to cause scalp sensitivity.

While plant derived ingredients in color do make it a gentler product, anyone with plant allergies will react to the color. Color companies are developing PPD derivatives to use in hair color, however thus far I have not found a hair color that gives full grey coverage without some scalp sensitivity.

What I am finding in my work is the more basic chemically the product, the more I can manipulate the hair color product to get the result my client is looking for with the least amount of scalp sensitivity. I have had the most success with Chromastics Hair Color.

Chromastics is a pure tone hair color designed with organic chemistry, based on a combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. These organic ingredients are combined to create every shade of Chromastics Hair Color. Using permanent and deposit only color I am able to lower the amount of ammonia and lower the PH in the color which causes less scalp irritation while giving great grey coverage.